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For the sixth year in a row, we are researching trends in retail, commerce and consumer behavior in order to identify corresponding changes and new features. For this, we join forces with a broad range of industry experts, such as EHI Retail Institute and hi,tilda. The insights gained are transferred into a panorama in which opinions of many experts worldwide are opposed. That’s why we talk to people who have something to say, who take responsibility and who are not satisfied with standing still.

Last year, we decided to transform the NEW RETAIL REPORT into a living format that continuously evolved throughout 2021 – constantly refined through „swarm intelligence”. We have also decided to replace the term NEW RETAIL with REFRAMING RETAIL. Why? Because “New Retail” is no longer appropriate (just as there is no longer a “New Media”).

If you want to win in the future and to reinvent the meaning and value of brick-and-mortar paired with digital retail, retail needs to be put into different contexts. Therein lies a wonderful future – REFRAMING RETAIL.

In 2023, we want to take our journey to the next level. We believe that the 21 theses we drew up for 2021 are still valid today. However, following latest tech and market developments, we feel urged to bring one more aspect into the discussion – which is why we added thesis #22 and #23.”

23 FOR 2023

Our goal is to continuously fuel a fire of perspectives and opinions. To this end, we keep challenging the 23 theses we developed. You can explore our insight by browsing this website and downloading our reports which present deep dive on certain topics.

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Since 1995, we have supported industry leaders such as Volkswagen, STIHL, Bosch, Allianz, Kodak Moments and Sick in exploiting the potential of digital transformation and offering millions of customers extraordinary experiences. As a strong partner, we accompany companies through the entire digitization process: from Innovation & Strategy, UX, Data & AI, Commerce and Technology to Building of Digital Units. One for all, all for one! More than 1.000 colleagues serve our clients from 13 locations worldwide: Stuttgart, Berlin, Hamburg and Karlsruhe as well as Bangalore, Detroit, Beijing, Lisbon, London, San José and UAE. What unites us? The courage to break new ground, mutual attentiveness, teamwork and the motivation to make a difference and create sustainable impact. diconium is a 100 percent subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group.

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EHI is a scientific institute of the retail industry. Its more than 800 members include international retail companies and their associations, manufacturers of consumer and capital goods, and various service providers. EHI cooperates with the most important international institutes and associations in this sector. EHI Retail Institute e. V. carries out research on important matters impacting the future of the retail industry. All studies are drawn up in close collaboration with representatives of the member companies. We communicate the results of our research to the retail industry and translate them into concrete recommendations.
EHI Retail Institute GmbH complements the range of services of the society with contract research and consulting services for individual companies, conferences and specialist publications. Close cooperation with Messe Düsseldorf in connection with the EuroShop and EuroCIS trade fairs is a major focus of EHI’s work.

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hi, tilda is strategy consultancy for sustainable growth.
hi, tilda aims to boost the sense of belonging to brands and companies through community building.
hi, tilda helps companies and brands adopt a leading role in our society. In a co-creative process, hi, tilda develops scenarios and narratives that people – employees, customers, interested parties – want to participate in and become part of.


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