Gerhard Albrecht Unitex

The topic of data analytics is an enormously important point for companies that want to and will prove themselves on the market in the long term in order to remain competitive. We have important customers or members who work with a customer app, for example, which is also integrated into the CRM. This is an ideal way to see which purchases have been made by the customer in the past. That gives clarity about which clothing items and which size are relevant. And this has of course been particularly beneficial for the retailers who had this data available when the lock down came. The retailers were then also able to put together a great package tailored to the right type of customer. The data-based advice and service will last beyond the pandemic in order to be successful in the market.

In my view, that will not be the case. I see the relevance of screens or touchpads as possibly interesting for trade fairs and such like, but less for physical shops. It’s really about sources of inspiration, interior design, haptics and spontaneous shopping. The haptic, direct on-site experience is coming back in a big way. If digital elements are integrated, then this is mainly done via smartphone.

I think theses 2 and 8 fit together relatively well and also reflect the trends in our industry. It is important to personally connect with the customer on site, to entertain the customer, and that shopping then works as a side effect. To achieve this the own brand needs to be way more present in the customer’s mind. This requires retailers to work much more intensively with data.

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