Jan Starken bonprix

We at bonprix want to enforce sustainability from fiber production to our stores or the homes of our customers – in other words: along the entire production and supply chain. In part, this still creates additional costs we have to compensate. But there are still many screws we can turn, and new innovations are constantly arising that we have to take advantage of.

Digitalization and AI can support in various areas: assortment and inventory management, greater personalization across all marketing channels as well as in delivering better and more relevant marketing campaigns for customers with marketing analytics. So there are numerous possible applications!

Digitalization opens up completely new possibilities for offering digital services such as recommendations or personalization in the store. Digitalization is an “enabler” which makes our world, which has become so complex, more manageable and tangible for the consumer – also in the physical space. Our “fashion connect” store in Hamburg’s Mönckebergstraße is a repeatedly awarded example of this.

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