Oliver Bernhardi Görtz

We are already seeing a lot of vacancies. We must therefore appeal to everyone to make space available in the cities for providers or types of use, such as for a museum or similar, which ensure a more diverse mix and bring people into the cities.

Retail is a point of entertainment and must continue to develop into an important destination for leisure activities. This means that the shape of cities must also change. For this to succeed, I suggest opening on Sundays so that people can shop and stroll when they have time.

Due to the pandemic, the in-store conversion rates and average shopping cart are higher than ever. I already proposed a traffic-based rental model prior to the pandemic. At the time, the suggestion was not well received. However, for future leasing contracts, greater attention should be paid to ensuring that the sales-based rent is given greater weight. Ideally, rental fees should consist of three components: base rent, turnover rent, and location marketing. With regard to the location marketing component, the landlord adds the same amount out of his own pocket and uses this budget to promote the location on a sustained basis. Thus at least a part of the rent flows into the preservation or the increase of the attractiveness of the location and everyone profits.

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