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Unfortunately, retail has many concepts that cannot even answer what their raison d’être is. On the other hand, the future will not be less, but rather more than a clear commitment that retail must get more quality and more proximity and personality. Personal consultations will of course continue to take place physically. The retailers must understand what their function is now and in the future, and how this can be managed. We also have to get away from this division of functions in cities, i.e. the mixing of living and working. I like to talk about the “biodiversity of cities“.

It is not the influencers who will become the new retailers, rather the retailers must become influencers. In my view, influencers are only successful because they do what retailers don’t: They take over the advisory function and provide orientation. And they are able to use the right language and the right channels.

It’s not hosts that need to be recruited, that sounds to me like I can sort of delegate that, but I need to be a host myself. I also have to develop an attitude. It has to come across clearly why I’m selling these products. So the biggest key, aside from being a host, is not sales skills, but purchasing expertise. Just look at the fashion industry. Many retailers have even given up this competence by letting the brands manage the space. They don’t even know what their customers want. And of course, you have to make sure that you can get away from comparability.

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