Simon Drees Outletcity Metzingen

Retail is shifting more and more towards worlds of experience. Shopping is entertainment – in short: shoppertainment. We are landlords ourselves and create such worlds of experience with a mix of retail, gastronomy, healthcare and cultural offerings. We are virtually competing with other experience destinations such as amusement parks as ‘Europa-Park’.

With regards to retail, city centres are currently experiencing a downward trend. This is mainly because of too high rents, chain stores, interchangeability. The process is both self-reinforcing and self-destructive. Municipalities and cities have a much harder time developing an overarching concept for the end customer than retailers do – there are simply too many different interests in play. We will use space differently in the future and need to increase city centers’ quality of stay again – so this can be a good trend.

Nowadays, logistics must run flawlessly. If you don’t have the logistical processes under control, it makes you look unprofessional. But speed is not the most important factor. The decisive factor in shipping, returns, refunds, etc. is the communication towards the customer so that they always know the status of their order.

Live-stream shopping is a trend that is yet to catch up with us in Europe. With this segment, for the first time China is a major trendsetter in e-commerce. In Germany, you can still be a kind of first mover. We have already successfully introduced these alternative shopping methods during the lock down phase and are continuing to develop them.

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