Statement 147

Because the metaverse will significantly reduce the still existing interfaces between real experience of work and consumption environments and virtually designed environments, information and product offers and work environments. The development speed of metaverse applications probably corresponds to the ratio of 10 metaverse year= 5 Internet years=1 real years. This exponential development is flat at […]

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Statement 147

True, because through more recycling approaches and the promotion of a circular economy, the resulting added value can be passed on to consumers through the reduced use of resources. In this way, capital goods as well as consumer goods can be scaled up in the end by much broader consumer groups. This better socialization of […]

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Statement 145

We at bonprix want to enforce sustainability from fiber production to our stores or the homes of our customers – in other words: along the entire production and supply chain. In part, this still creates additional costs we have to compensate. But there are still many screws we can turn, and new innovations are constantly […]

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Statement 144

Digitalization and AI can support in various areas: assortment and inventory management, greater personalization across all marketing channels as well as in delivering better and more relevant marketing campaigns for customers with marketing analytics. So there are numerous possible applications! […]

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Statement 143

We retailers have now realized that evaluating the success of new concepts merely based on sales and profitability is no longer sufficient. New KPIs such as “experience per square meter” must be applied. […]

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Statement 142

Digitalization opens up completely new possibilities for offering digital services such as recommendations or personalization in the store. Digitalization is an “enabler” which makes our world, which has become so complex, more manageable and tangible for the consumer – also in the physical space. Our “fashion connect” store in Hamburg’s Mönckebergstraße is a repeatedly awarded […]

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Statement 141

The ecological footprint in e-commerce is sub-optimal. It is definitely much better in our stores. We retailers and the industry still don’t address it enough, we still take the easiest route too often. I think the topic needs to be thought through in a new and smarter way. There are simple solutions like Click & […]

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Statement 140

We developed “Ship from Store” and our ordering service to fulfill customer requests faster, better and possibly even more environmentally friendly. We routed the orders to the store closest to the customers. We developed the concepts in cooperation with our employees on the ground and not over their heads. In this manner, the local retailers […]

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Statement 139

Six years ago, IT was still the bottleneck and we had to completely reorganise the whole organisation. Now, however, IT plays a key role in developing the business models. We work in a completely agile way and at eye level with each other. I see myself as a coach in this process. Thinking from the […]

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Statement 138

Our employees are our most important customers. They provide us with the most honest, direct and therefore best feedback. Because of Corona, cooperation with the whole team has become basically contactless. We had to adapt quickly and transfer all forms of contact into the virtual world. Every week, I will simply call three or four […]

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Statement 137

Really great new and sustainable materials are available. But that’s not enough. Existing products must be given a longer lifespan, they must be usable over several product generations. Then we’ll be on the right track. […]

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Statement 136

The more contactless it gets, the more important it is for us retail designers to spotlight products, so that people are encouraged to touch and test them and, thus, the contact with the product can be leveraged to create feelings of excitement. […]

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Statement 135

Influencers usually don’t have the brand’s or company’s strategic goals in mind, but only their own. And that’s why I believe it’s important to combine commercial and community approaches. […]

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Statement 134

We strongly sense that our customers, who used to rely on retailers, are now making tremendous efforts to establish direct contact with the customer by means of a direct-to-consumer business model. […]

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Statement 133

One does not need pure “fulfillment agents” in the store, but experience managers or somewhat exaggerated – “feel-good managers with product know-how”. The way the advisor treats me as a customer has a significant influence on sales. If I feel comfortable and am treated as an equal, I will be more inclined to spend more […]

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