Buying is becoming more and more unconscious, shopping more and more conscious


Thanks to technology the discussion around points of sale has moved into the background. Rather than bringing the consumer into stores or onto the website brands must meet people during their moments of inspiration. Seamless journeys have to be created to allow spontaneous and frictionless transactions at any time.
On the shop floor, brands must switch from a service-mindset towards customer engagement. Novel ways to embed products into playful experiences must be found.




The global retail bank Klarna has collaborated with the clean cosmetics brand Beautycounter for a livestream shopping series. The partnership fosters a peer-to-peer engangement through a livestream shopping experience. It allows for an entertaining and easy way to discover and buy the brand’s beauty products. Customers can join the live format via the Klarna App as well as via the Beautycounter website. Klarna has recently acquired HERO to strengthen their position in field of in-store shopping.

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Well, that’s what I’ve experienced in the past year. I consider that to be very important. As a customer, I’m very well informed about what retailers are offering, whether they have an online store or not. Whether they are active on Instagram or any other platform. This is quite an opportunity for retailers to present what they offer at no great effort. For example, taking our little flower store in the village near by: it posts what bouquets it has online. It posts which bouquets are available for pickup. I loved that, and that made me even more loyal as a customer.

Angela Krause

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