Doorstep delivery will no longer be free of charge in the future


The relentless growth of e-commerce has outgrown the maturity of established logistic networks. By now, the majority of consumers got used to services such as curbside pickup or 24h-delivery. They started to perceive them as a standard rather than a luxury. To counterweight the heavy investments, which are needed to fulfill the increasingly high consumer expectations, brands need to reconsider their free-of-charge offerings.




Fairsenden is a smart city Logistic system based in Berlin. The delivery service advertises, that it is environmentally friendly and ensures fair working conditions for delivery personnel. In that manner, they are responding to a topic that has gained strong traction in recent years due to climate change, among other things. Fairsenden specialises in fleets of cargo bikes and electric vehicles for doorstep delivery.

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The key to scheduled doorstep delivery lies in the combination with other services such as returns, i.e., the handling of returns or simultaneous pick-ups of deposits and packaging. That way, the packaging becomes reusable and helps to avoid waste. This additional service is usually rewarded by the customer in monetary terms. If these are fully digitally planned and logistically integrated, the costs are bearable, even with fair and permanently employed delivery staff.

Markus Schwarz


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