Non-Retail tenants cannot pay the current prime leases


A change in leasing models and KPIs is necessary in order for non-retail tenants to be present in the inner city locations.
Retail and non-retail could co-lease and co-create new offerings. Landlords, in turn, will need to respond to this by transforming to new leasing models.




The architect and designer David Rockwell turned empty shop windows in New York into stages for theatre. A beautiful response to the pandemic lockdown to keep the entertainment industry and retail space alive.

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We retailers have now realized that evaluating the success of new concepts merely based on sales and profitability is no longer sufficient. New KPIs such as “experience per square meter” must be applied.

Jan Starken


We are already seeing a lot of vacancies. We must therefore appeal to everyone to make space available in the cities for providers or types of use, such as for a museum or similar, which ensure a more diverse mix and bring people into the cities.

We no longer have a balance between social issues and issues that generate profit. At the moment, everything has to generate profit. But there must also be these topics that serve society, that serve the interpersonal. That doesn’t take place much in the city anymore and, in case of doubt, is outsourced to the restaurants as the remaining meeting places. But more meeting places need to be created in the city again.

Antje Brüning


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