Frank Postel Breuninger

Sustainability is something we shape together with our customers: we point out ways in which they can influence the CO2 footprint, e.g. by using the “green option” for packaging. Yet this is a huge challenge for everyone: entire processes need to be transformed, and the supply chain has to be redesigned. Sustainability is the next big transformation topic for all business participants.

As retailers, we are challenged. It is our task to create a positive shopping experience. But it won’t work if politicians don’t set the right course. This also involves issues such as mobility and the management of a well-balanced urban mix. So the municipalities and cities are also challenged. We are taking a close look at some cities, sometimes with great concern, but we remain in constant dialogue – you can’t do it alone.

The role of the Breuninger stores will change even more radically. We are creating more and more spaces that are no longer primarily focused 1 to 1 on productivity and sales. Everything about the shopping experience involves a variety of experiences and we want to invite customers to linger, inspire them, arouse their curiosity and surprise them. Our stores are not purely transactional spaces, nor are they purely showrooms. They are brand carriers of the “Breuninger” brand and contribute massively to customer loyalty.

External partners’ innovative know-how is extremely important – which is why, it will never work without partners. For a change process to be successful, you need a critical mass of the right people who are capable of influencing the company. People that embody the required culture and experience need to be present to help others in the change process. This is particularly the case in IT and related business areas as well as for the recruiting of recruiting new professionals.

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