Matthias Beerstecher Hugo Boss

Data usage needs to be self-evident for everyone, which must be available within the company and which is the basis of every decision. It is increasingly becoming a key factor. Data is the gold of the future. This is still massively underestimated by many and we are only just beginning to learn what’s behind it.

I think retailers can’t do it because they don’t understand digitalization yet. So, digitalization does not mean putting a screen in the store and playing videos. It is something accompanying and emotionalizing that, in the end, actively supports the entire sales process and the brand experience. Digitization can go so far in the future that the store is only a “point of experience”, the actual purchase is made online and is delivered to your home. That means that the topic of digitization needs to be understood much more as an hidden support. Something from which the customer and sales associate must benefit noticeably.

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