AI is key to finally decouple the outdated retail KPI “revenue per square meter”


Until today, retail spaces are often measured by the ancient KPI revenue per square meter. This is problematic as transactions increasingly take place online and the reasons for consumers to go into the store have changed. Despite most retailers being aware of that transformation, they struggle to find appropriate KPIs that allow to track the value delivered in-store: experience. The inability to track actual value created in the physical space also hinders the development of innovative store concepts. AI may be key in solving this problem and in thereby helping to make retail more human and focus on community and well-being.




The Dutch supermarket chain ‘Jumbo’ introduced slow checkouts when they discovered that some customers enjoy chatting to the cashiers while paying for their goods. Especially for their older customers, Jumbo thereby helped to deal with loneliness.  An insight that would not have been found by only evaluating sales made. The move has proven to so successful that Jumbo installed slow check-outs in more than 200 stores.


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