The pandemic fueled an ongoing mindset shift from customers to co-creators


The pandemic accelerated the democratization of retail as it awakened people’s pleasure in updating their homes and doing craft work. The „prosumer 2.0“ emerged, which wants to be increasingly involved in any kind of creation process. This can for example be a product, an entire assortment or the selection of a discussion topic.




In May 2021 video game ecosystem Roblox hosted a virtual space called ‘Gucci Garden’ to celebrate the brand’s 100th Birthday. For two weeks players could visit a virtual exhibition crated by Gucci. While moving through the different rooms in randomized order, they could explore personalized patterns and textures on their mannequins. The project is only one of many of Gucci’S innovative initiative building on new technologies. Another example is the brands plan to ramp up non-fungible token (NFT) offerings by partnering with the blockchain-savvy avatar studio Genies.

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We clearly notice the tendency that people want to move away from anonymous products or generic purchasing decisions. Instead, there must be the possibility of co-creation and the focus on individuality, or in other words: the expression of personality. The prerequisite is the development of individual features. And in this, the customer wants to play a role. That’s why I think the pandemic with all this instability and the questions in regard to “Who am I actually?, “who do I want to be?” has led to customers making their decisions much more consciously and much more value-driven about when and what they consume.

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